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Meet us in Copenhagen on May 6th!

RAILcph 2019

Are you as excited as we are about the prospect of spending an entire day in the name of rail infrastructure? Do you, for instance, want to know more about cybersecurity in the railway industry, driverless trains or predictive maintenance using IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning? In that case, I will highly recommend that you attend this year’s RAILcph Conference.

Ever since we heard about this event, we have made it our mission never to miss a conference. Every year we have been able to return to the office with refreshed energy and exciting new perspectives on current and future trends and innovative technology.

However, this year will be a little different for us as our CEO, Thorvald Horup, and CTO, Niels Juul, will be presenting at the conference. They will give a presentation on the usage of IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning in relation to predictive maintenance on switch points.

It is no secret to the industry that switch points are the most critical and expensive component in the railway infrastructure. Up to 30% of the yearly expenses in the maintenance budget are used to maintain and replace switch points. As a result, it has become increasingly important to the railway industry to investigate different ways of improving maintenance and thereby reducing the costs.

During their presentation, Thorvald and Niels will provide an overview of the methods used for predictive monitoring on switch points. They will furthermore give their point of view on the pros and cons of these methods. As an extra treat, they will also be presenting a demo from a system placed on a switch point in Denmark.

We are very much looking forward to spending a day with RAILcph, and we hope you will join us at the RAILcph Conference on May 6th in Copenhagen!

RAILcph 2019
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