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Vestbroen is the western part of the Great Belt Bridge, which consists of two bridges: the east and the west bridge. Vestbroen connects the island of Fyn to a small island called Sprogø.


The soil on Fyn that Vestbroen is constructed on is unstable because of marsh layers. Additionally, the bridge is simultaneously frequently exposed to heavy traffic like heavily loaded freight trains.


The Railmonitor system is installed at the beginning of the bridge at the Fyn side, from where it measures railway settlements. Tilt sensors are installed on the sleepers, and they detect every movement regardless of weather conditions, temperature, traffic, and dirt.

The system is used for guarding the railway as well as for generating data, which is used to optimize the maintenance strategy for the Great Belt Bridge.

Flemming from Sund & Bælt demonstrates how the LEARNING solution is used to continuously monitor a part of the railway track on the Great Belt bridge. The video is in Danish and is produced by Sund & Bælt

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