Switch failures are some of the biggest sinners in train delays. Consistent delays contribute to increased maintenance, repair and fuel costs. Issues with railway switches and switch machines are a significant cost for infrastructure owners across the globe. Additionally, the safety standards are extremely high and even the smallest deviations will disrupt traffic flow or cause accidents.

We provide the solution that monitors relevant parameters for determining the health of the switch online and in real-time.




The gap in switches can be a threat to railway safety. In a worst-case scenario, a gapped point can cause a train to derail.

Our solution measures the distance to the closest switch rail, providing you with a unique insight into the current gap in your switch. The data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed at all times. This will enable you to understand the historical development of the gap.

The switch rail position directs whether the train should run towards the straight or the diverging path.

We monitor the exact position of your switch and let you know how your switch behaves during a switch. We also measure the switch speed (direct measurement).  Our solution will report any irregularities to relevant stakeholders.

The turnout is a great mechanical system and it is well known, temperature changes causes different tensions in the rail.

As our sensors measure the mechanical behavior of the switch functions, we are monitoring the rail temperature. We use this information as way to track the temperatures impact on functionality and as part of root cause analysis in case of anomalies.


By effectively monitoring your switch, you can alleviate failures.

The Railmonitor solution detects any irregularities in the switch and will notify relevant stakeholders whenever limit values are exceeded.

This allows rail operators to execute repairs and resolve issues in time – enabling them to respond proactively and plan their maintenance accordingly.

Railmonitors Switch Monitoring solution enables you to:

  • Remotely monitor the switch gaps on both sides, switch speed, switch position and rail temperature

  • Receive notifications about any deviations from set values – conduct predictive maintenance

  • Use the gathered information for root cause analysis in case of failures

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