All structures, may it be buildings, bridges, tunnels or something similar, are subjects to various internal and external factors. Deterioration, a challenging construction process, lack of quality control or an extreme situation caused by an accident or environmental load can all cause wear or malfunction.

Implementing a monitoring system is crucial if you want to be able to identify changes in your construction and react accordingly before any serious damage is caused. Monitoring your structure and its behavior will enable you to detect abnormalities early on. Maintenance and repair actions can be implemented more efficiently and can help you to significantly reduce your operating costs.




The purpose of monitoring your building is to acquire a deep understanding of the condition and state of the structure. It will enable you to conduct preventive or corrective maintenance.

This improves the overall safety of the building and will help secure the preservation of your building.

One of the ways to ensure the viability of the state of bridges is by installing a monitoring system.

We monitor temporary bridges in connection with railway bridge renovation projects. We monitor settlements and displacements on the transition between the bridge and the mainland.

In order to remain static, tunnels must be able to withstand the loads placed on them. Deformations or settlements in the construction presents a sigificant safety hazard, particularly during construction work on the tunnel itself or in its immediate surroundings.

Continuous monitoring of your tunnel provides you with a unique insight to the stability and reliability of your structure.

Railmonitors monitoring solution for structures enables you to:

  • Extend the lifetime of your structure

  • Increase overall safety

  • Reduce operation risks

  • Conduct effecient maintenance

  • Get in-depth knowledge of your structure

  • Reduce costs on traffic loss

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