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Railmonitor V2.0

Switch Point Monitoring

For the past year-and-a-half we have been working on a new software update, and we are finally ready to release it to our customers. This launch is more than an update – it is an entirely redesigned version of the former system. We are aiming at increasing the user experience and the overall workflow for our customers.

In this article, we will go through some of the basics of the system.


We have made it easier to analyze data from sensors and databases. The user can choose which datasets he would like to know more about. Data can be selected directly from a dashboard component or be fetched in the analysis section. It’s easy to change time intervals and to compare different variables.

Warning - software


Whenever the system detects settlements, it will send out warnings to stakeholders. This means that you will be alerted as soon as any threshold is exceeded. Hereby action can be taken to avoid further critical settlements, that can cause damage to the infrastructure.


With this update, we have made it even easier to devise informative reports for project stakeholders. Charts, project information and comments are easily added into the report, aiding in streamlining the reporting process. Reports are exported in PDF format for e-mail and print.

Dashboard - Software


We support different project formats with different needs for dashboards. You are fully in charge of your own dashboard and are able to choose exactly how you want your data to be displayed.


Our redesigned software includes a map function, from which you will be able to see exactly where your devices are placed. Here, you can get a quick overview of the monitoring status, including current values, warnings and exact placement.

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