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We are very pleased to announce that we have entered into a collaboration with ProRail in the Netherlands.

The core of our collaboration is to exchange knowledge about how ProRail gathers their data and how they use the data they retrieve. Collectively, we wish to combine their data collection strategy with the Railmonitor solution and share our mutual experiences on data gathering. Simply put, this collaboration is based on the premise of knowledge exchange and valuable learnings from one another.

Challenged by movements of the railway

ProRail is currently struggling with movements of the railway embankment on three locations on a 4 km stretch. Therefore, they seek to install the Railmonitor solution and gain a deeper understanding of both the embankment and the railway. They wish to explore how the embankment and railway moves and measure the water content in the ballast and in the underground. The tilt sensors from Railmonitor will enable ProRail to measure ground and rail movements. The Railmonitor groundwater level sensors monitor the groundwater level and notify ProRail if the limits are exceeded.

Access to a helpful set of tools

By collaborating with specialists such as Railmonitor, ProRail has been given access to a set of tools that enables them to achieve an in-depth analysis of their railway.

ProRail wants to gain a deeper understanding of how the water influences the embankment. The knowledge they will gain from this project will not only be used in securing this particular railway stretch. ProRail aims at applying this knowledge to other railway stretches in the Netherlands. By doing so, they will be able to solve potential issues before they occur – Niels Juul, CTO, Railmonitor

We are looking forward to a rewarding and trusting cooperation with ProRail. If you want to read their press release on the news, you can find it here (in Dutch).

About ProRail

ProRail are responsible for the Dutch railway network. They are in charge of any maintenance and extension of the national railway network infrastructure. Read more about ProRail.

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