Personal data

Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. Examples of personal data includes first- and last name, email address, location data (e.g. the location data function on a mobile phone) or an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

How Railmonitor collects and uses personal data

Usually, you can visit the website without telling us who you are or provide us with any personal information about yourself. However, in order to serve you and/or deliver news and other services to you, Railmonitor needs some personal information about you.

Railmonitor collects and process the following information about you:

  • Personal information you provide in connection with subscribing to our newsletter
  • Personal information you provide in connection with commenting on news or a blog post*
  • Personal information you provide in connection with a complaint or feedback
  • Personal information you provide via the website or otherwise

Railmonitor collects only the information needed to deliver the service you seek (e.g. name, company address, e-mail or telephone number). Railmonitor does not collect personally identifiable information about the visitors on the website from third parties.

* Posting comments on our sites

When you post information on a discussion board or comment publicly on an article on one of our sites, the information you post and your username are publicly accessible. This information can be viewed online and collected by other people. We are not responsible for the way these other people use this information. When contributing to a discussion, we strongly recommend you avoid sharing any personal details, and especially information that can be used to identify you directly such as your name, age, address and name of employer. We are not responsible for the privacy of any identifiable information that you post in our online community or other public pages of the site.

Transfer of data

Personal information provided on this website will only be transferred to:

  • Internally in Railmonitor
  • Registries of abuse in accordance with the current legislation if a client exercise abuse or fraud towards Railmonitor

In order to further develop and improve the website, Railmonitor collects traffic on our website, in order to tailor it to user needs. For example, we obtain information about the number of visits, the average duration of the visit, and how our users move around the site

Railmonitor uses Google Analytics in order to collect statistics of visits and in that connection we transfer IP addresses to Google Analytics.

Google can pass along the information to third parties if the law demands them to do so, or to third parties who complete tasks for them. The Privacy Policy for Google Analytics:

Where is your data stored?

The collected personal information is stored on servers in Denmark. Some personal information is administrated by third parties (data processor) who treat personal information on behalf of Railmonitor in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the current legislation on the protection of personal information.

How to access your information

You can contact us if you would like to have a copy of the personal data, we hold on you or if you think that we hold incorrect personal data about you. Please write to [email protected] or call +45 8862 6500


When you visit our sites or subscribe to our newsletter and other services, we collect personal data from you automatically using cookies or similar technology.

A cookie is a small file that can be placed on your device that allows us to recognize and remember you. A cookie is not a virus and will not identify you as a user. It will, however, identify your use of the website, meaning that cookies will recognize your navigation on the site, remember if you have visited the site previously, etc.

When you first visit our sites using a new browser, or if you visit in private browsing mode, we will provide you with a cookies permission banner seeking your consent to use of cookies as required by law. By clicking OK or clicking through to any part of the site, we will start to manage your visit using cookies.

Cookies are needed to make the website work and they help Railmonitor to optimize and adjust the website to your needs and interests.

Railmonitor use the following types of cookies

Required cookies are necessary for the website to deliver the services you are searching for. The purpose of these cookies is to enhance the user experience on the website. For example by remembering your custom preferences. Preference cookies are automatically stored on your computer and will expire at a given date or time span.

Google Analytics cookies

Google Analytics cookies are used to keep track of browsing patterns, help us to build up a profile of how you use the website and to collect statistics of traffic, including your IP-address. You can deselect Google Analytics cookies by applying this tool:

How to manage your cookies

Most browsers allow you to turn off cookies. You can find a guide here:

Switching off cookies may restrict your use of the website and/or delay or affect the way in which it operates.

Questions to Railmonitors Privacy and Cookie Policy

If you have any questions to or comments on our Privacy and Cookie Policy or seek information on how your personal information is used, you can contact us on [email protected] or by telephone +45 8862 6500