Railmonitors TrackSoft360 addresses the pains of ineffective and costly maintenance processes. It provides operators with the data and information necessary for decision-making in vital maintenance processes.

TrackSoft360 uses algorithms to provide easy-to-understand insights into the current condition of the infrastructure. These insights can be used to optimize the maintenance strategy and thereby prolong asset lifetime – the core of predictive maintenance.




Measure & Detect Information

Sensor data or data from databases is captured by TrackSoft360.

Organize & Calculate Data

Data is stored in the cloud, structured and prepared for visualization and analytics. Filters and advanced algorithms are used to calculate operational application data, determine operation status, statistics and to organize data for presentation or integration to your tools ie. IRISSYS, IBM Watson etc.

Notification & Data Visualization

Bringing railway data directly to your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Processed data and results are presented in an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface. Here setup, diagnostic and decision making is done seamlessly.

Railmonitors software

Added benefits to TrackSoft360:

  • Receive information on infrastructural settlement and switch point behavior

  • Every movement is detected and every conversion is analyzed

  • Error scenarios are identified and reported by analyzing the gathered data – allowing to eliminate failures at an early stage

  • Maintenance work can be systematically supervised and precisely documented – improve cooperation and documentation between involved actors

  • TrackSoft360 enables the connection of various data sources, geoinformation or asset management systems

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