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The embankment at Nyborg station is porous and unstable. Sund & Bælt is required to monitor this site by surveying the site frequently using special equipment. The Railmonitor system has been installed as a supplement. It supports these methods by monitoring even the slightest movements 24/7.


Tilt sensors and groundwater level sensors are installed at Nyborg station. The tilt sensors detect every movement on the track bed and these movements are calculated through our system. This means that Sund & Bælt not only get single measures, but they also get an insight into how the single measurements relate to one another. This way transverse aspects like twist and cant are calculated as well as longitudinal aspects like slope and bend. Moreover, the groundwater level is monitored, as the groundwater can affect the soil below the embankment.

The constant and continuous measuring provides a solid data foundation. This can not only can be used for guarding the rail but also for analyzing. This provides a previously unseen insight on how the railway moves and how movements are related to various factors. This can be integrated into the maintenance strategy. In turn, it can eliminate various former blind factors and it brings Sund & Bælt closer to a predictive maintenance strategy.

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