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Sund & Bælt has an ambition to develop digital solutions and services which can applied to improve quality and efficiency of their day-to-day operations and maintenance.

In accordance with Danish regulations, Sund & Bælt has prepared several procedures which should always be followed. These procedures are primarily based on safety demands. They are also based on an aspiration to preserve the switch points for many years to come and minimize the need for repairs. Besides general maintenance, Danish regulations also demand inspections of switch points bi-weekly. General maintenance and manual inspections are quite costly and time consuming.

As a result, Sund & Bælt have identified a need for an automatic monitoring system for continuous monitoring of switch points. They want a system that notifies them whenever there is a need for maintenance initiatives. Or when it detects irregularities on the switch points.


Sund & Bælt wants to gain a deeper insight into the condition of their switch points. They want to understand why and how it evolves over time and strategize their maintenance accordingly.

They searched for a system that informs them whenever there is a need for maintenance and alerts them if any failures are detected on the switch points.

They came across one of our solutions which have been specifically designed for switch point monitoring. We monitor the connection of the points, its position and the speed of which it switches its position. We also monitor the temperature of the actual rail. The gathered information will then be compared in order to identify patterns which might suggest a negative development of the function of the switch.

Sund & Bælt believes that Railmonitors solution will provide them with valuable information on any safety-critical tendencies. It will give them a deeper understanding of the changes to the condition of the switch points and their behaviors.

We expect that our solution will enable Sund & Bælt to highly optimize their maintenance strategy. This will result in significant cost reductions on repairs as well as increased safety overall.

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