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There was a time when communication in-between multiple devices bordered on the unthinkable. With the Internet of Things, commonly known as IoT, the impossible has been achieved. IoT is networks of connected devices (could be sensors) that communicate data to a central system. The data provide valuable insight into what is successful and what is not in terms of operations and processes. IoT is often combined with a system that can help you interpret the captured data.

6 benefits you can retrieve by implementing an IoT-system
  1. Increased productivity and efficiency: IoT allows monitoring and control of different processes which can help optimize different operations
  2. Production visibility: The continuous monitoring of processes that IoT connectivity provides will enable improvements to be made on a rolling basis. Potential bottlenecks are identified, and adjustments can be made in nearly real-time. This provides better approaches to production management and will reduce operational costs
  3. Predictive analytics: The data retrieved from the IoT system enables you to examine recurring patterns and contribute to predictive analysis. The information can be used to improve existing processes and optimize your maintenance strategy
  4. Rapid response: Often the IoT system monitors your assets in real-time. This can facilitate the optimization of your maintenance initiatives and it can give your organization a strategic advantage
  5. Improve product quality while reducing costs
  6. Reduction of human errors and enhance manual processes: It can reduce the risk of human errors by supporting workers and intelligently guiding them through assembly processes

Implementing an IoT system can assist your organization in making strategic decisions and improve your performance. It is an efficient tool that has the potential to give you a strategic advantage in a competitive market. An IoT connected organization represents the next level of organizational maturity. IoT systems encapsulate predictive maintenance, increased productivity, and overall organizational health.

However, please remember this: Artificial intelligence may be the core of a connected organization, but it is human intelligence that is the core of a successful implementation.


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