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In Gothenburg, Sweden, one of the largest infrastructure projects in all of Sweden is being carried out. The project is known as Olskroken Planskilhed. Olskroken is somewhat of a nerve center when it comes to rail infrastructure and the project is about re-organizing the area. Increased traffic in the rail infrastructure sets new demands for the infrastructure, which is why it’s important to increase availability in an important nerve center like Olskroken.


An essential challenge during the execution of this project is that the rail infrastructure at Olskroken will be in operation during the entire process. This puts a lot of pressure onto the railway monitoring requirements, in that PEAB has to assure a safe track for the passing trains. Traditional monitoring methods are not an option due to two primary reasons: the railway will be operating during the project, and there remains a need for frequent surveying.


To support the monitoring of the tracks, Railmonitor has delivered a truly wireless solution, consisting of 166 reliable and robust wireless tilt sensors, to assure a continuous and adequate condition monitoring. The sensors are installed on several parallel tracks, from where they are sampling and sending out data per 15 minutes. The sensors are monitoring the condition of a track section of one kilometer altogether.

Railmonitors condition monitoring platform assures PEAB easy access to all of the measured data in the intuitive user interface. From here, they can get a quick overview of the track condition in real-time. Furthermore, all of the data is being processed and fully exploited, which makes it possible to get an insight of changes in cant, twist, slope and bend.

When the changes exceed the allowable thresholds, warnings are immediately sent out to all the relevant people in the form of a text message and e-mail. When needed, PEAB easily can devise condition reports in PDF format, which can give relevant collaborators and authorities a current status of the track condition.

The system assures that PEAB, together with Trafikverket, has a constant insight into the track condition. This makes it possible for them to meet the strict monitoring requirements for the railway that will be in constant operation.

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