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Rail infrastructure

More than 100 billion DKK has been appointed for rail infrastructure projects in Denmark. The objective is to modernize, construct and re-construct the infrastructure and raise the standards of this area.

The largest project that is currently in the works is the Ringsted-Femern connection, that involves the reconstruction of existing rails, construction of new rails, bridges and lastly a tunnel that connects the island of Lolland to Femern in Germany.

Other larger projects include the construction of Light Rail connections in Aarhus and Odense, as well as a new Metro connection in Copenhagen.

Another modernizing initiative is the electrification of the Danish rail network. The objective behind this is to replace polluting rolling stock that runs on diesel with modern electrical stock, which is better for the environment, cheaper and more reliable to operate.

Masnedsund med ny bro

Illustrations by Sund & Bælt Holding A/S.

Banedanmark has made an interesting series, illustrating the process of electrification of existing tracks:

We are curious to experience the results of these upgrades. Railmonitor has been involved in some of the projects and has played a part in making it possible to keep tracks operating while either pile ramming for electrification or constructing a new track. Learn more about this from our case stories.

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