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Becker Bau, a construction company in Germany, has been hired by a large infrastructure owner for a construction project. The primary focus of the project is to remove an existing building and replace it with a new mast.


One of the biggest challenges in this project is that the construction site is located right next to a railway. The railway will be in operation during the entire construction process. Furthermore, a road is placed beneath the railway which puts added pressure onto the monitoring requirements. One of the walls of the existing building leans towards the railway. This challenges the demolition process of the building.

Ensuring the safety of the passing trains and drivers on the road below it is, therefore, a big concern for Becker Bau.


Frequent monitoring is a must for this construction project. Becker Bau wants to ensure that the demolition of the existing building doesn’t affect the structures of the temporary supporting wall as well as the railway.

To support the monitoring, Railmonitor has installed a solution that assures continuous and precise condition monitoring. The solution consists of tilt sensors mounted on 50 meters of the railway and 50 meters of the supporting wall. The sensors detect even the smallest movements which are then calculated in the Railmonitor software. This enables Becker Bau to not only receive single measures but also get a unique insight into how each measurement is related to one another. Transverse aspects such as twist and cant as well as longitudinal aspects like slope and bend are calculated.

The solid data foundation provides a unique insight into how the railway and the supporting walls move and how these movements are related to various factors. This can eliminate former blind factors. Railmonitors solution assures that Becker Bau has a constant insight into the conditions of the tracks and the supporting walls. This enables them to meet the strict monitoring requirements and ensure the safety of both passengers, drivers, and construction workers.

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