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Asset management has undergone an evolution ever since the commercialization of IoT devices. Today, IoT devices are widely used for digital condition monitoring of assets and they give operators continuous insights into the current condition of these assets. By defining specific thresholds, these devices make sure that operators can act as soon as thresholds are about to be crossed.

Using insights so manage assets

In the rail industry, a big part of maintenance initiatives relies upon manual observations achieved through periodical inspections. This often leads to fire extinguishing, which could have been avoided with continuous insights into the railway conditions. This is where IoT devices can make a significant difference by providing the information necessary for operators to make smart and informed decisions, based upon trends and changed behaviors. These devices can make operators transition into a smart asset management strategy and thereby achieve higher asset uptimes.

Extension of asset lifetime through smart asset management

IoT – or IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) – devices create transparency on various assets of organizations. These assets can be internal as well as external, human and non-human, mobile or stationary. What these assets have in common are that they need some TLC in order to function optimally. And by continuously making smaller initiatives to avoid breakdowns, operators can keep a higher uptime while also extending asset lifetime. IIoT devices and smart analytics support the operators in telling what initiatives should be made to avoid breakdowns.

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