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A company with room for differences


This month, we welcomed a new member to the Railmonitor family: Anette Schjødt Thomsen. She will be a part of our accounting team and will handle all tasks regarding our bookkeeping. Anette has a reduced ability to work which makes her unable to work fulltime. Like Anette, there are many people who, for some reason or another, are unable to take on a full-time job. However, they are rarely given the chance to make an impact on the job market, and this is something we want to change.

We are on a mission: we want to take social responsibility. We want to help to create a society in which anyone is given a chance to make a difference in the workplace.

Diversity is key to success, and we put great value in being a company with room for differences. Our perspective is that diversity helps us to strengthen ourselves and encourages us to have valuable dialogues. We try hard to create a dynamic workplace with a strong focus on work satisfaction, competency development, and a healthy work environment.

Our aim is to create possibilities for anyone who might find it challenging to gain a foothold in the job market today. We prioritize job satisfaction and development, and we take responsibility in creating an including work environment – an environment that gives the individual a possibility to exploit his or her potential in the best possible way. Our starting point is the qualifications and needs of the individual, and we believe that everyone has the right to contribute to the job market. We believe that work helps you to grow as a person, and this view plays a vital part in creating job satisfaction and pride at Railmonitor.

At Railmonitor, we have several employees like Anette who work part-time and have flexible hours. They are each challenged by different struggles which prevent them from working full time. We wish to provide people with reduced ability to work an opportunity to resume their connection to the job market – one step at a time.

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