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Railmonitors system delivers information on infrastructural settlement and switch point behavior with the help of IoT technology. Every movement is detected and every conversion is analyzed. You will be able to get a deep knowledge of break-down processes in your railway assets.

Our solution can prolong the lifetime of your assets and can heavily minimize the need for periodic manual inspections – and even potentially replace them.

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Without the Railmonitor system, our project would have lasted several weeks longer

Christian Poulsen, Aarsleff Rail

We were able to adapt our work processes to the actual condition of the active railway next to the construction area – allowing us to optimize our work processes

Jens-Peter Lund, CEO, SPOTLAND

The system is easy to set up, since it’s completely wireless, and gives us a real-time overview of the track position

Jens Nilsson, PEAB

The system is reliable and delivers data consistently – even this winter, when we had 20 centimeters of snow laying on the railway

Henning Grønnebæk, Chief Surveyor, Per Aarsleff

Railmonitor has provided us with an intelligent solution, which has given us online access to monitor how a marsh layered track bed behaves in reality and this will in due course allow a reduction in the frequency of manual inspections.

Nils Blom Salmonsen, Sund & Bælt Holding A/S

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