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We provide a simple solution, which gives you the opportunity to digitize condition monitoring processes. You also get the opportunity to take advantage of Big Data and reduce operating expenses by turning periodic maintenance into predictive maintenance.

Our agenda is to make an easy to use cloud-based system, that isn’t limited to one industry or one business. Therefore, we have made a system that could be set up and used across several industries. Moreover, we have developed an accessible and easy-to-use software platform, that can be used by all the relevant people.

We deliver a condition monitoring platform for surveyors, engineers, monitoring- and construction companies. Our solution supports the IoT and digitization trend and with our partners, we can offer wireless online condition monitoring packages.



We believe that the digitizing of objects can optimize work in many aspects. When you make things digital, you can save resources on manual work and concentrate them elsewhere, assuring more productivity. Furthermore, digitized objects generate vast amounts of valuable data which you can turn into predictive maintenance. You can use Big Data to get an insight of the monitored objects, which in turn can be used for several business-optimizing initiatives.

Our solution is simple: we provide construction like railways, bridges, tunnels and buildings with sensors.

We offer sensors in various forms and they measure various aspects in relation to movement changes.

Our system replaces and/or supplements manual monitoring work processes, which releases resources and gives you a continuous and more precise insight.

And as a bonus, you get valuable data, that can be used for optimizing your maintenance strategy.

Installing sensors on railway can turn periodic maintenance into predictive maintenance


Our system will get you valuable data, which you can use as a foundation for making decisions in your maintenance planning process.

This data will give you a thorough insight of your site by the visualization of trends and by taking various variables into account. For example, is there a connection between movement in the railway and heavy rainfall or is temperature linked to movement in cracks? And how so?

Through Big Data, our system gives you the opportunity to get more insight into your infrastructure or constructions than ever before possible. You can get to know how various variables are related and you will get trend analysis among other things.

Our system enables you to plan ahead and avoid unforeseen needs for maintenance initiatives, which you can use for optimizing operation expenses.

Furthermore, our system is equipped with notification functions, that will send out warnings as soon as critical trends are detected. As a result, you are always sure to be aware of the condition of the monitored site.

Are you ready for saving operation expenses, gaining insight and optimizing your maintenance strategy by digitizing?

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