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Aarsleff Rail installed Railmonitors solution to monitor the position of the track during the construction of a new track at Masnedsund. By installing this solution, Aarsleff Rail was able to live up to the requirements set by Banedanmark.

Uwe Hess, Banedanmark
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Without the Railmonitor system, our project would have lasted several weeks longer

Christian Poulsen, Aarsleff Rail A/S

We were able to adapt our work processes to the actual condition of the active railway next to the construction area – allowing us to optimize our work processes

Jens-Peter Lund, SPOTLAND

The system is easy to set up, since it’s completely wireless, and gives us a real-time overview of the track position

Jens Nilsson, PEAB
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The system is reliable and delivers data consistently – even during the winter when we had 20 centimeters of snow laying on the railway

Henning Grønnebæk, Per Aarsleff A/S
Sund & Bælt

Railmonitor has provided us with an intelligent solution, which has given us online access to monitor how a marsh layered track bed behaves in reality. This will in due course allow a reduction in the frequency of manual inspections

Nils Blom Salmonsen, Sund & Bælt Holding A/S

Digitize your railway with Railmonitor

  • Support and monitor maintenance activities remotely

  • Reduce maintenance down time and related costs

  • Optimize long-term maintenance planning

  • Reduce life cycle cost of equipment

  • Simplify and harmonize the maintenance procedures

  • Improve your system availability and reliability

  • Reduce failures and related delays

  • Improve cooperation between involved actors


South Sealand, Aarsleff Rail A/S

An active approach has been taken in order to renovate the Danish infrastructure. Railmonitors solution has been installed to monitor a renovation site.

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Kastrup, Sund & Bælt Holding A/S

Sund & Bælt has identified a need for an automatic monitoring system for continuous monitoring of switches and has chosen to install our solution.

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Gothenburg, PEAB AB

Olskroken Planskilhed. Our system makes it possible for PEAB to meet the strict monitoring requirements for the railway that will be in constant operation.

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Masnedsund, Aarsleff Rail A/S

Railmonitor was asked to provide a solution aimed to assist Aarsleff Rail with their project constructing the Femern connection.

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Vestbroen, Sund & Bælt Holding

The Railmonitor system is installed at the beginning of the Great Belt bridge at the Fyn side and it measures railway settlements.

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Nyborg Station, Sund & Bælt Holding A/S

Sund & Bælt are required to monitor the embankment at Nyborg station. The Railmonitor system has been installed and monitors even the slightest movements.

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